While at Digitaria, I was on the Royal Caribbean team and created interactive experiences for them. The first shown here is a flipbook which was an interactive travel itinerary travel agents could send out to their clients. The second shown here is an internal set of web tools the company gave to their agents which aided them in bookings, resources, and client management.

Interactive Itinerary Microsite: A.K.A the “Flipbook”

The “Flipbook” we called it, was an interactive experience Royal Caribbean travel agents could send out to their clients who were planning a trip. It was both a tool for the agents as well as a fun and exciting experience for the clients / users. The agents were able to write notes in the side margins noting out specifics of certain parts of their itineraries. The users could see the notes from their agents, check out their itinerary, learn about the place they were going and also check out the ship they were traveling on.

Internal Agent Tools

This microsite, or agent intranet included a set of tools for Royal Caribbean partner travel agents such as planning and booking tools, sales and marketing tools,  and benefits information, and news and events for Royal Caribbean employees.

The Newsroom Landing Page

Royal Caribbean - Steven SchaferRoyal Caribbean - Steven Schafer