The projects I have worked on while at Prismatic vary in discipline from Visual Design, User Experience Design, and some Product Design. Below you will find selected projects. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing more.

Landing Page

It had been a while since we refreshed our landing page and our existing one wasn’t all that robust. It didn’t at all describe what the product was. It just had some screenshots and a CTA to sign up. The new version I designed attempted to be a minimum viable landing page that gave potential users more insight into what they were signing up. It was something we could build in a very small amount of time. The redesign served as a place to slowly roll out our new branding and visual language.

The current version of the landing page. Click here to see it live.

Blog Redesign

Part of the initiative to roll out the updated visual language was to refresh our blog page as well. A more robust navigation was implemented as well as the updated branding.

The updated blog design. Click here to see it live.

Team Page

Our team page was also outdated and didn’t accurately reflect the way we wanted to present ourselves to the public. At the time, we were growing fast and needed to apply a more grown up / mature feeling to the page. Here is my design for the updated team page which carries out the new visual language.

iOS Onboarding Redesign

After implementing a visual refresh of the onboarding process for our web product, we wanted to carry this out to the iOS version. Below is a comp of the iPad topic and friends suggestion screen. 

Onboarding Tests

I worked with Carolyn, one of our Interaction Designers, on creating several on boarding themes \ vibes we wanted to test. Our onboarding completion numbers were struggling at that time and this test was the first of several tests to see what we could do to move the needle if possible. The tests were also a great opportunity to see how users responded to different brand vibes for a possible brand refresh. Please contact me if you wish to see the other tests.

This is the “DNA” vibe test and was inteded to look smart and support the machine learning aspect of the product.

Welcome Email

I worked with Gina, one of our Interaction Designers, to put together a welcome email for new users. This email described a little bit about the product and augmented the onboarding process. I did the visual design and layout as well as some illustrations that we put into the email.