1app Logo - Steven Schafer1app Logo - Steven Schafer

Initially a freelance project, I started working for 1app building a rough prototype of the product for an investor pitch. After raising a $1.5 million seed round, 1AppWorks, Inc. hired me full time as Lead Designer. Tasked with designing the Branding, Product, and Visual Design, I worked closely with a team of engineers and we got the MVP into the App Store in several months.

1app - Steven Schafer1app - Steven Schafer

Find Lenses and the Eat Feed

The product started out as a digital concierge aiding people in searching for places to eat, shop, or play while staying at any of our partner hotels. After the pivot, we decided to add a feature called “Lenses” which was essentially a layer on top of the existing experience. Users could select their lenses and see which venues supported them. Lenses allowed users to view the world through their own specific set of preferences. For example, if I was passionate about fair trade coffee and non-gmo ingredients and I was searching for a cafe to have brunch in, 1app was the perfect product experience to find exactly the right place in any city I found myself in.

1app - Steven Schafer1app - Steven Schafer

Profile and Location screens

1app - Steven Schafer1app - Steven Schafer

Venue Detail and Activity Feed screens

1app - Steven Schafer1app - Steven Schafer

Working closely with a small team of engineers was a daily occurence. Solving problems and creating solutions to backend constraints and unexpected roadblocks was also routine. We set the product up in Xcode using xib / interface builder files so I focus on visual tweaks and “pixel perfection” while the engineers focused on what they did best. As a result, I made significant progress in objective-c and git, allowing me to commit and push code.

Samples from a set of wireframes I created. Click to advance to the next image.

1app - Steven Schafer - Quartz Composer1app - Steven Schafer - Quartz Composer

A screenshot of the Quartz Composer file used to create the interaction prototype below.